A powerful value proposition, ambitious growth strategy, committed and innovative employees – these are the things that have made Gfi one of the most high-performing IT and digital service companies in the market. Vincent Rouaix Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, looks at the reasons for our Group’s success.

The quality and dynamic of our Group's results in recent years confirms the relevance of our model and our strategy on the various markets we serve: France, Europe, Africa and, soon, the Middle East. Gfi has made stand-out choices in order to operate on those markets and offer a range of solutions and services based on a value proposition of proximity, industrialisation and innovation.

Gfi's strengths

Proximity, which is part of the DNA of our Group, allows us to guide our clients’ local teams through the sharing of in-depth knowledge of their various business lines. This proximity also allows us to play a major role in the local economy of the various countries in which we operate. Industrialisation for its part is a spearhead of our business, allowing us to meet the major economic challenges of our clients in the transition from IT budgets to business line budgets underpinned by digital transformation. Finally, innovation – a core element of our business plan – of course allows us to capitalise on the innovation of our major partners, but also to launch a continuous innovation approach within our Group, involving all employees. This helps promote business line-focused research into new uses based on new solutions, thus supporting our major clients in their transformation.

A growth dynamic

The determination of all Gfi teams makes our Group one of the most high-performing digital services companies on the market. For the past four years, we have recorded growth two times higher than that of the market, and our recruitment dynamic – more than 2,800 new employees are set to join our existing 12,000 employees in 2016 – is fully in line with this dynamic for the years to come. This development is underpinned by exceptional commercial momentum set to drive our organic growth in the future, along with a proven ability to integrate our various acquisitions, allowing us to strengthen and supplement our portfolio of products, solutions and expertise.

A new shareholder, ever-greater ambition

2016 opens a new page in our history as we welcome majority shareholder, Mannai Corporation, on board. Backed by management and the long-standing Group shareholders, this friendly investment will allow us to align our development over the next ten years with a long-term strategy and a vision of accelerated development for our footprint in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Our corporate DNA

Commitment, the quest for excellence and ongoing innovation are what spurs on all of our teams daily to support our clients and allow them to meet this digital transformation challenge with success.

The quality of the human values we share with our teams and our excellence in the implementation of our strategy make Gfi and its business plan a unique, inspiring project, allowing us to become a leader on all of our markets.