Meeting the PSG Handball players at Gfi Informatique

The partnership with the Paris Saint-Germain Handball team is a source of team spirit and pride for Gfi Informatique’s 12 000 employees. To celebrate the partnership’s kick-off, Gfi’s corporate headquarters at Saint-Ouen were decked out in the Paris Saint-Germain colours. Gfi Informatique staff members regularly attend the many events held at the Parc des Princes stadium. Jean-Claude Blanc and Bruno Martini attending the Gfi Informatique managers’ seminar, Philippe Gardent’s talk with the sales teams, the players’ visit to Saint-Ouen, and the chance to meet the players when the CEO of Gfi Informatique expressed his New Year’s wishes in the various regions, have all been very popular. Employees can also win match tickets in online competitions and get discounts on jerseys and ticket sales.

“Proud to be partners of PSG Handball”

  • Developing a sense of belonging
  • Sharing values
  • United in victory and defeat
  • Sharing the excitement
  • Wearing the colours of Paris Saint-Germain

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