Gfi joins hands with PSG Handball

Why this partnership?

Sponsoring Gfi, hand in hand with PSG Handball

Gfi has been the Paris Saint-Germain Handball team’s main partner since the end of 2012, when the Club was founded. It has been a great success, with the partnership renewed until 2021! More than just a logo on a shirt, this sponsorship involves the entire company, and delivers significant brand impact.

Why Paris Saint-Germain Handball?

Gfi Informatique wanted to partner with a prestigious club, Paris Saint-Germain, and a top-flight European team that brings together today’s biggest handball stars. Handball is the third-largest team sport in France with more than 440 000 registered players, of whom 36% are women. It also enjoys growing popularity and media coverage, especially following the French team’s repeated success in Olympic Games and World Championships. Gfi Informatique and Paris Saint-Germain Handball share a team spirit, a taste for challenge and excellence, and the desire to go forward. For Gfi, which operates nationwide, it was also important to partner with a sport that is open to everyone and that is played throughout the country.

5 big benefits

This partnership is a real plus for our employer brand. Gfi Informatique recruits some 1 800 people a year in France, of which half are in the Paris region. Being associated with the Paris Saint-Germain Handball team has considerably increased the group’s appeal to potential recruits.

Gfi Informatique also gives customers the chance to share a unique experience with invitations to matches everywhere in France. Their children can take part in “Escort Kids” operations to accompany players when they walk out on the field. In terms of visibility, it has brought unprecedented media coverage for Gfi Informatique in the press and on TV, especially with matches broadcast on BeIn Sport. The partnership has boosted the brand’s digital visibility, as can be seen from the upsurge in visits to its corporate and job websites (60% more visits a month). The same goes for social networks with a considerable increase in fans and followers (+500) as a result of online competitions and the posting of exclusive videos in partnership with the club.

Within the company, the sponsorship helps to build a sense of belonging among employees, who are proud of the club’s “success story”. The success of the partnership has also prompted Gfi Informatique to join hands with the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation in a socially responsible outreach programme.

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